Buying Jeans

My compilation of tips:

These were brought to you by the below websites, I have taken the highlights for quick reading, but the full guides are available below. I have picked what I think are the best and most helpful ideas. I will be adding to this constantly, so please get in touch if you have any great tips to share!

  1. Don’t worry about the size on the label… You might need to go up a size or two or even down a size or two, but don’t stress over it. The most important thing is that you get a good fit.
  2. Don’t get caught up in trends…Just because the celebs are doing it doesn’t mean you have to. If you don’t suit it, then don’t buy it! Classic jeans never go out of style.
  3. Buy tight but not too tight…Jeans will stretch throughout the day with wear, so buy jeans on the tight side but not so tight they’re too small/you can’t do anything in them. Try sitting down/squatting/bending down in the fitting room.
  4. Make them fit you…Consider getting them altered. If you are an odd shape (like moi) consider getting them taken in a tad at the waist if they fit your hips/bum/legs perfectly. It is best to find jeans that fit your waist and hips then get the leg altered if necessary instead.
  5. Take your time…Don’t rush it, take as many pairs of different styles and sizes into the fitting room and spend plenty of time seeing how they look feel, if they will gape, can you sit etc.
  6. Know what suits your shape…As a starting point, look up what styles suit you…but be prepared to throw it out the window.


  • Gok Wan:

Every woman wants to go shopping with ‘Auntie Gok’, our ‘Fairy Gok Mother’, as beyond a shadow of a doubt, you will leave that changing room feeling a million dollars and sexy as hell. We know he’ll be brutally honest but find you those perfect jeans, and won’t let you make a massive mistake. Here’s what he has to say on finding your perfect pair:

  • Oprah:

If anyone knows about jeans for curvy girls its Oprah! Granted, the brands etc are American, but they highlight what to be looking for, and should you ever find yourself discount shopping in the US of A, you’ll know what to buy!

  •  House of Fraser:,default,pg.html

The House of Fraser site features descriptions and tips for each of the major styles to familiarise yourself with, plus style advice for different body shapes. It also includes information on the major brands/designers that they stock, which is useful if you have the extra cash to spend on designer/better quality jeans. If not, the style guide and shopping tips are still incredibly useful.

  • Fashion Fixers:

Imogen Fox analyses some of the best jeans particularly for some of us bigger/curvy girls. Some sage advice and some good styles to buy.

If you have any suggestions/ recommendations, please email me:,or, find me on twitter: @fgsjblog or leave a comment below!

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