House keeping…

Just a few bits of ‘house keeping’ today, nothing worth a post on its own, but collectively there’s a fair bit to get through:

* Massive thanks everyone for doing the survey, please keep it up! We’re doing well but still need loads more so pretty please with a cherry on top, keep sharing with your friends:

* Update to the ‘you can’t win’ post: I managed to stretch the skinny jeans slightly – the waist is now back to normal but the legs aren’t. Not the end of the world, they look ok, but if anyone has any bright ideas on stretching the legs or what I can put in them whilst damp to keep them stretched out, please leave a comment below or email me at

* After checking out my site stats, I have discovered several people have found us after searching for skinny jeans and Dr Marten’s and I’ve also been contacted via email about this – have I ever worn them together, do they work etc. Can’t say I’ve tried them with the red ones as they might clash but wearing the DMs with the blue skinnies is in fact a favourite combination of mine:

DMskinnies004 DMskinnies003 DMskinnies002 DMskinnies001

They also look fab with a dress (especially my black or red skate/fit and flare style dresses) and a pair of leggings.

* I have booked a trip to London later this year (yay) hoping to treat oneself to a Cambridge Satchel from the Covent Garden store, however I am still holding hopeful for one on sale in the clearance section. There has been a few but I’ve either not been quick enough or not comfortable with the cosmetic flaws advertised.

* Please don’t be afraid to comment on posts or contact me via email, I’ve already had a few and I love hearing from you all. Also, feel free to join the conversation on the Facebook group:

Hopefully my week off work will bring a proper blog post and denim care tips as well as hopefully a few recommended shops (did I mention I am hopeful?) but for now, I’ll crawl back under my rock and continue stalking the Cambridge Satchel clearance page like a woman possessed…


Today’s dilemma…

The lovely, lovely boots...

The lovely, lovely boots…

So today, I have a new dilemma altogether. Shoes. I have a hard enough time with shoes as it is with my abnormally wide feet (once again, thank you mum for those) but once I find some I like I tend to obsess ’til they are on my feet and there’s a smile on my face. My current obsession is the stunning cherry red Dr Martens that happen to be on sale in Schuh. Its my birthday on monday and decided happy birthday to me, I shall purchase some. Under recommendation from the email customer services, the best option for me and my big feet was to reserve some. Our local store at this point was closed (but have since been informed it has reopened as of 04/04/13), but not to panic, my friend & I were off to an out town shopping centre for a spot of shopping on Friday (today in fact) so they suggested to keep reserving them everyday until Friday when I could pick them up. Champion. Except tonight, it tells me these shoes are unavailable to reserve. PANIC!!! The customer services told me via email the stock would be available again after midnight so to try again then when my reservation would be cancelled. Except I can’t, it keeps saying the same thing. The online helper though did tell me they have 3 pairs in stock but it would appear they are all reserved ’til tomorrow morning, so to try again then. So clearly, I will not sleep and will panic until morning when I can call up or go online. my last chance would be to order from the store for next day delivery (pay the delivery costs too, sob) and hope they arrive on Monday. Once again, my odd body will lead me to online shopping, damnit!

Come on Schuh, I found some fabulous jeans, let me have my fabulous boots to match!!!

UPDATE : I GOT THEM! I have just left Schuh with the lovely DMs And another pair of shoes, woop woop!