Fat Girl, Skinny Jeans

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Welcome to my blog! For those of you who don’t know, 01/04/2013 was a BAD day for me and I finally lost the plot. After a clothes shopping trip, I was so incensed by the lack of clothing for women of my body shape and size that I posted this on Facebook:

Dear clothing retailers, it is possible to be both fat and short. Please tell your clothing rails this. I am aware that you may have a larger range of sizes available on your ‘online store’ but it seems unfair that we (the short fat people) should have to order online, pay for delivery, wait for them to turn up and then inevitably either pay to return them or have you take the return shipping fees from our refund when they don’t fit. No love, me.

I have taken this and made it my mission: to find the retailers (highstreet and online) that WILL cater to my odd bodyshape (and odd bodshapes in general) that are extremely affordable and budget friendly (not like the columns/blogs out there that tell you these perfect jeans are pocket friendly at £95, yeah right, I can TOTALLY afford to pay that for jeans…)  and to share the tears and laughter around this journey.

Don’t be confused/put off by the skinny in the title…the skinny can mean many things, not just the current trend of jean. It can mean those jeans you’ve been trying to slim back into, it can mean jeans that you think clearly look better on a slimmer person, maybe it means you feel skinny and sexy in your new jeans or maybe its a play on words for ‘skinny genes’.

This isn’t a fashion blog, at least not in the conventional sense anyway. I’m not pretending I have a clue about what looks good and what doesn’t; I know what looks good on me and want to share that with you, as well as share what I learn with you to help you look and feel good too. Maybe I won’t end up looking good at all, maybe I’ll give up on the jean front eventually, but I’m on a mission for now! I used to love wearing jeans – particular pairs at least. I wore them everywhere without worrying. Add on a few pounds *cough a few stone cough* and now I’m petrified to touch them. One thing I know for sure: since buying and wearing my red skinny jeans I’ve found an odd amount of confidence. Its like when I first embraced wearing leggings under dresses, suddenly I felt like I could take on the world. Finding something that makes you feel that good is something that we all need!

I hope you both enjoy my ramblings and (hopefully) find them useful!

Claire x

If you would like to share your own shopping nightmares or anecdotes, your thoughts or just want to get in touch, please contact me on here, on our Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/fatgirlskinnyjeans, via @fgsjblog on Twitter or email: claire@clairedearn.co.uk or fatgirlskinnyjeansblog@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “Fat Girl, Skinny Jeans

    • It isn’t fair that New Look would do that, as like you have said real women don’t fit into those neat little size boxes they have. Unfortunately I think often big companies will ignore one person trying to make a change, but can’t ignore the masses. I am hoping by doing the survey and hopefully (fingers crossed) getting a large amount of responses, as well as making a lot of noise in general using this blog that New Look and other retailers won’t be able to ignore us. Hopefully when they are confronted with facts and figures, it will make them think. I am also hoping more people will share their personal views and opinions on here to keep the reading interesting, if you would like to write a guest blog post for Fat Girl Skinny Jeans about this or anything else, please do and send it to me at fatgirlskinnyjeansblog@gmail.com 🙂

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