MIA…sorry! I’m back!

Since The SO Project I’ve been ‘missing in action’; life has been busy, and my computer has been slowly dying a death for a while. Christmas brought me a new one though, so hopefully I’ll be able to make posting a regular thing again.

So what have I been up to?

  1. Jeans – after managing to pull on those M&S jeans, 2 sizes smaller I felt a renewed sense of vigor and went on another jeans buying…I want to say mission, but that doesn’t sound quite extreme enough…how about vendetta? Yes. I went on a jeans buying vendetta and found myself some dark blue (‘indigo’ for you denim colour purists) Bailey Authentic Superstretch Skinny Jeans (I know, long ass name) courtesy of Dorothy Perkins. These have been the main staple of my autumn wardrobe as I pretty much live in them. Super comfy, stretchy, and look good. Perfect for work, home and going out. The main reason I went for skinny jeans ties in to my next item…
  2. Boots – I also managed to purchase a pair of mid-calf boots that fit!!! As like my hips, my feet are as wide as the Channel Tunnel I find it hard to find shoes to fit, never mind boots. Pull-on ones are a no no as typically I can’t get my wide feet into them in the first place. My calves are quite wide too so generally I struggle to do the zips up after. Enter New Look’s wide fit range! Bird and I were shopping, trying to find her some boots when she tried a pair on. Black, pull-on, with buckles and a low heel. The size 5 were too big for her and kept slipping, so whilst she went in search of a pair in size 4, I very cheekily tried them on. I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were, stylish, affordable and most importantly THEY ACTUALLY FIT! They go perfectly with my skinny jeans which i bought the day after purchasing these boots…
  3. Don’t buy cheap boots and wear them 24/7 – sadly, I bought the boots only 3 months ago and have had to chuck them. During my Christmas break I discovered the heels had cracked and they were falling apart inside. Granted, boots for that price were never going to last but I can’t help wondering if I’d worn them a bit less, (like not all the time) then it might have prolonged their life span. Never mind, it was fun while it lasted.
  4. Camera – after all the rudeness on the forums, I managed to find and purchase a new camera, so I’ve been indulging in some nice long walks with my new friend. Good times.

How has everyone been? Get anything exciting from Santa? Know anywhere good/cheap to buy wide fitting boots? Discuss!

Merry Christmas & all the best for 2014!

The most surprisingly anti-climatic trip to a shopping centre ever…

The rather lovely and large women's jean section in Next...

The rather lovely and large women’s jean section in Next…

This is not the post I expected to be writing today. Today, I expected a denim extravaganza. Bird and I had planned to try on as many pairs of jeans in as many shops as possible, whilst taking photos, possibly video footage and to put together a post of our epic adventure.

So off bird and I went, on our ‘epic’ shopping trip. The plan was, as I said, to visit as many shops as possible to try on/buy jeans (and many other places to boot) but… we didn’t get that far. I went armed with my camera, ready for us to try many jeans on. Unfortunately, there weren’t that many worth trying. Also, Next suck.

Allow me to tell you why. I have yet to find a pair of jeans in my size there, despite claiming that they do sell them. Their larger sizes (which, like their smallest sizes are only available in regular and long, both tall and petite have a reduced size range) appear to only ever be available online. This is a pain, as needing a shorter leg length I would have to try their regular jeans on.

...and not a single pair in my size!

…and not a single pair in my size!

I am sick and tired of forever being redirected to some store’s website, then going through the faff of having to order them, then return them and quite often pay the return postage as well or sometimes in a sneaky fashion, find after having returned them to the store for convenience (and thinking for free) that the return postage costs have been deducted from my refund. Frankly, that’s just plain rude if you have no intention of stocking those sizes in your store!

Plus, they stock many number of tops up to a size 22 in store, but no jeans over a size 18 (I have noted some do go up to a 20, but no larger). In my experience, very few people are smaller on bottom than top. If not the same size, they tend to be larger. So what do Next think customers who will be buying their larger tops will be able to wear on their bottom half, if they fail to stock them?! I am highly disappointed; I was looking forward to trying a pair from this range:

Lift & shape? Sounds good to me!

Lift & shape? Sounds good to me!

I consoled myself with an epic amount of Lush, plus a few bits and pieces for the husband’s and nieceling numero uno’s birthdays. We also had a good giggle trying on these shoes (or rather I had a good giggle at bird trying on these shoes):

Holy foot pain Batman!

Holy foot pain Batman!

Shopping centre highjinks

Success! I found the Dr Marten’s I was after, which I did successfully reserve at roughly 8am this morning. I waited with baited breath for the confirmation to come through, relieved is not the word I felt when it finally did! Whilst popping in to Schuh first thing this morning, bird & I (my friend from previous shopping adventures) were first of all distracted by Vans trainers…after picking a pair each I then collected the beautiful, beautiful red DMs…oh salvation!

The Vans...

The Vans…

The Dms <3

The Dms ❤

The first part of the days’s mission was complete. Bird then threw a spanner in the works by saying her other half needed some new jeans and could we look for some. Fair enough, lots of shops, plenty of options. Then it became complicated. What he wanted, in theory, was actually quite straightforward and simple: normal, straight leg style jeans, zip-fly 34w 28/29 leg as he has a long torso but shorter legs. However, in practise, it brought back the horrid memories of Monday. Topman, Burton etc, were full of skinny jeans, slim tapered jeans, were too long, had a button fly or cost more than he was willing to pay. We had to text him to ask which part he would compromise on. He actually then asked for chinos, as none of the above were any good to him. However, last minute stop off in next, we found a single remaining pair of 34w 29l straight leg jeans with a zip fly. We bought them for him to try, leaving him with the option to unfortunately order more online!

Today’s dilemma…

The lovely, lovely boots...

The lovely, lovely boots…

So today, I have a new dilemma altogether. Shoes. I have a hard enough time with shoes as it is with my abnormally wide feet (once again, thank you mum for those) but once I find some I like I tend to obsess ’til they are on my feet and there’s a smile on my face. My current obsession is the stunning cherry red Dr Martens that happen to be on sale in Schuh. Its my birthday on monday and decided happy birthday to me, I shall purchase some. Under recommendation from the email customer services, the best option for me and my big feet was to reserve some. Our local store at this point was closed (but have since been informed it has reopened as of 04/04/13), but not to panic, my friend & I were off to an out town shopping centre for a spot of shopping on Friday (today in fact) so they suggested to keep reserving them everyday until Friday when I could pick them up. Champion. Except tonight, it tells me these shoes are unavailable to reserve. PANIC!!! The customer services told me via email the stock would be available again after midnight so to try again then when my reservation would be cancelled. Except I can’t, it keeps saying the same thing. The online helper though did tell me they have 3 pairs in stock but it would appear they are all reserved ’til tomorrow morning, so to try again then. So clearly, I will not sleep and will panic until morning when I can call up or go online. my last chance would be to order from the store for next day delivery (pay the delivery costs too, sob) and hope they arrive on Monday. Once again, my odd body will lead me to online shopping, damnit!

Come on Schuh, I found some fabulous jeans, let me have my fabulous boots to match!!!

UPDATE : I GOT THEM! I have just left Schuh with the lovely DMs And another pair of shoes, woop woop!