Me & the red skinnies ❤

Hi I am Claire, I am 27 years old and currently roughly 100lb over weight. I hate clothes shopping with a passion because nothing ever fits right or looks good on me or anything that I do like never seems to go up to my size. Previously, when I was not so overweight, I had some of the same problems with clothes shopping as I do now: I am much smaller on top than I am on bottom, I have a tiny waist, big hips and huge thighs. Also, as I walk everywhere I have quite large and muscular calves. This presents enough issues with clothes as you can imagine before you throw in the fact that I am now both short and fat. Most clothing retailers cater for larger sizes….in the tall section. The petite section assumes you are petite everwhere and whilst I can sometimes find my size amongst the regular section, these are more often than not still too long and I end up paying extra to have them taken up or in. I recently joined slimming world and have lost over a stone already but unfortunately this weight has gone from my top half and am now 3 sizes smaller on top than I am on bottom. The most depressing part of all is: I LOVE CLOTHES! I love clothes, bags shoes as much as anybody, but I am on an incredibly limited budget so I can’t afford to buy into all these specialist designers catering for crazy bodyshapes. I want to walk into a shop and pick something off the shelf and find it fits. Is that too much to ask?!

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