She’s alive!!

Sorry for the (epic) delay in posts, but I am currently suffering from death by computer. Not sure how much longer the laptop is going to last, it is quite literally falling apart to the point in which I am using my tablet’s Bluetooth keyboard to type this post.

In exciting news, I have finally gone down a jean size – how happy am I?! In less exciting news, I’m still looking for some decent ones to wear. My latest mission was on my sister’s recommendation to try jeggings. They were definitely not a good look on me! They were clingy in all the wrong places and far too long (as per usual). So another one bites the dust. On a plus side, as it is summer I’ve been mostly wearing dresses and so far the lack of jeans is not a problem.

This brings me to my second first world problem: tights. Dearest Tesco, when one orders your nude tights, which are advertised as being a creamy colour and pale as a blood deprived Edward Cullen on a rainy day that is what I expect to receive. I have bought these tights from you on several occasions and they have never failed to live up to expectations until now. I certainly don’t expect to receive ‘natural’ coloured tights, which give the vague impression that I ‘naturally’ chose to cover my legs in Fake Bake. As it happens, your basics range are of such poor quality and so thin that they don’t look too odd at all, which is rather lucky. Seriously, why advertise them as one colour when clearly you are stocking another?!

Ranting aside though, I have been rediscovering my love for Lush’s Melting Marshmallow Moments and Rose Jam Bubbleroons and they’ve been doing marvelous things for my skin!

5 thoughts on “She’s alive!!

  1. Being the less than proud owner of legs that make a blood starved Edward Cullen look positively flushed I can recommend Primark’s tights if you want cheap prices. They more or less match my leg colour (or at least make them look a proper human colour!) If you’re feeling flush then Boots tights are pretty good too.

    • Depends if they are big enough to go over my tremendously huge thighs. I find most XL tights are no where near big enough, but Tesco’s seem to do the job quite nicely. With that in mind, how do you find the fit of Primark tights? I may well be tempted to give them a go!

      • I find they fit well. The crotch actually sits where it’s supposed to without the legs being too long, they’re worth a try certainly.

    • Hi there, yes I did, they just didn’t look quite right on me. I’m not sure if perhaps they were just the wrong size but they showed every lump and bump and were quite unflattering to my body shape. It is a shame, they were very comfortable and the shop in question had them in some fantastic colours as well!

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