Love love love: Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish & NYC Foil Explosion

A couple of months ago I was after some nice pink nail varnish to replace the O.P.I. pink Nail Envy I got for Christmas and appears to only be available in a gift set *sob*. I found the new Rimmel Salon Pro selection – now with a range from Kate Moss and decided to treat myself. I found 3 lovely shades of pink and couldn’t decide between them, so yes, you guessed it, all 3 were bought (there was an offer for a free mascara when you spend over £10, so it would have been rude not to).

After one application, I decided to go back the next day and buy more (the new rock ‘n’ roll red from Kate Moss’ range matches my Dr Marten’s perfectly). They go on perfectly as they come with a wide brush (I said BRUSH) and are gorgeous, vibrant colours. Some only need one coat though others will need a second. They are long lasting, but I would still recommend a chip resistant top coat as I am the queen of chipping nails.

They are quite cheap (mainly as they seem to be permanently on offer in Superdrug which is rather awesome) and well worth it if, like me, you like premium brands but don’t quite have the budget for it.

IMG_20130430_174131 IMG_20130505_204613

Next up is a new discovery of mine, NYC Foil Explosion. I went back to good old Superdrug in search of a nice dark purple shade from Rimmel, but discovered NYC on offer at 2 for £3. I found a gorgeous purple but then spied their new foil explosion range. They are metallic shades which also have silver streaked through, the idea being you get your shiny metallic colour but with the occasional swirl of silver. Unable to contain myself despite not knowing how good they are even as a brand, never mind the product, I bought 3 foils shades and the dark purple.

I have so far tried all 3 shades of the foils I purchased and have yet to touch the purple! They are superbly cheap but amazing quality considering the price. The application is smooth, needs only one coat if applied generously and lasts for weeks (with touch ups). I have a tendency to leave nail varnish on ’til there are mere specks left but 3 of my nails weren’t giving up the ghost at all after 3 weeks. They are available for £1.99 each or 3 for 2 at Superdrug and comes in 5 different shades.

Also, in other exciting news, Superdrug are now stocking the Modern Family Nicole range of O.P.I. for £7.99 a bottle (also 3 for 2), including a pale pink called ‘Am I making myself Claire?’ So if you are after some jazzy new nail colours, get thee to Superdrug!


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