Quick update

It is rather scary and somewhat depressing to see another 2 weeks (and then some) has gone by without a post. I can only apologise and bloody well get on with it! Haha.

So far so good with the survey but we still need a heck of alot more before I can start contacting retailers, so please pass this on to your friends and family. I have some cards with the blog details on, if anybody wants some to hand out, just let me know. I also have some stickers in a variety of colours to stick on the envelopes when I send the survey results off to add a professional edge and to show them I mean business!

Not long now till our summer hols and whilst I am keenly stalking the clearance section of the cambridge satchel company, there isn’t long left till our visit to the Covent Garden store, where (hopefully) I may pick one up in person.

I am also visiting the place that started it all for me here at Fat Girl, Skinny Jeans again this weekend with some friends. I am still traumatised from my last shopping trip there, so I may just avoid the clothes shops altogether!

It has been busy here at FGSJ central lately (hence the lack of posts) but hopefully that will calm down. Take care gang, until next time.

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