A cautionary tale (and some other general rubbish)

So after the Tesco dress debacle (as its official name shall always be) I FINALLY managed to sort out the special character issue and bought myself that bloody dress! A lot greener than it appears online, but still very nice and will do nicely for a couple of nights out I have coming up!

Today I am bringing you a cautionary tale. I wore my blue skinny jeans from DP on Saturday. I went to get my hair done, walked up a lot of steps, then went for coffee and shopping with a friend, again lots of steps. Steps don’t normally bother me that much, but my walking was impeded somewhat by the tightness of the jeans and it was rather difficult. I awoke Sunday (yesterday) with burning pain in my thighs. I did a few stretches to combat the stiffness and thought I would be able to walk it off. Oh dear Lord how I was wrong! I thought I was going to die on the way downstairs. My husband has had to help me up and down and I am surprised I’ve not had to get him to pull me off the toilet (yet) though the sink and bath do make good rails to pull yourself up on. A day later and I am no better, I cannot begin to describe the unbelievable pain I am experiencing right now. I will certainly not be making that mistake again!

The moral of the story: If you are planning a rigorous days shopping or a day of strenuous activities, opt for a looser fit of jean, the skinny ones are not your friend. Heed this warning, or you too may suffer from the wrath of the jeans!

On a lighter note, happy bank holiday Monday everyone! Hope you are all (unlike me) indulging in bank holiday sales and fairs and generally having a lovely, lovely time!

P.S. Many thanks to everyone who has done the ‘Big Survey’ please keep passing it on to your friends, family, colleagues and generally anyone who cares so we can get as many responses as possible! If you haven’t, please click The Survey from the menu above and give me just a few minutes of your time, thanks in advance.


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