Birthday shopping

After the Tesco dress debacle, I needed to go shopping for an outfit to wear to dinner on Monday night for my birthday dinner with friends. My husband and I took a trip to our local retail park on Sunday morning before a scheduled gym trip to (hopefully) pick something up pretty sharpish. After perusing my favourite store, Dorothy Perkins, sadly there was nothing I liked in store in my size, and would have to make do with an online order, once again. However, we popped in to Asda as I am quite fond of their cheap shrugs and cropped cardigans (I resent paying good money for something that’s not all there/has half its sleeves missing, however good they happen to look). They had black bolero cardies in, £6 each, good for covering the bingo wings and complimenting smart attire. I picked up my usual size, (I have short-sleeved versions in pink and blue which although were originally my normal size, appeared to have stretched in the wash and are now a bit loose and not as flattering as they once were) but imagine my surprise when I realised that actually my others had NOT stretched in the wash, but I clearly had shrunk (not in the wash sadly) as it was clearly far too loose. I tried on the smaller size for a perfect fit…fabulous! Having recently bought a few tops in my usual size, I know that I won’t have gone down a size in all shops/styles, but this was a good start. The good luck continued whilst popping into New Look as I picked up another cardi and a new top, again in a smaller size. Good times!


Funky jacket, £20 from Asda George

So after my birthday on Monday (on which I was upstaged by Margaret Thatcher) I excitedly got to spending my money/vouchers. I decided after the Tesco dress debacle (I quite like that title), I would stick to a nice safe summer jacket. Ah joy! I decided that smart casual would be a good look, a nice blazer style so show off my magnificent boobs and small waist would be ideal. So please tell me, why most of the ones I found are not at all nicely tailored, but are made from cheap material, that makes you look shapeless, and look and feel like they would rip in 5 minutes of wear?! A simple, but not pricey, black blazer was all I was looking for. Some of the looser type materials they were made from would probably make a nice casual, relaxed look on skinnier model types, but for women like me, we need to take advantage where we can for showing off our best assets! If anybody manages to find a nice, decent quality, black blazer on the cheap from the high street or in fact online, please do let me know! However, I did manage to find in Asda, for the sum of £20, a nice, grey pinstripe blazer, with black trim. Very, very funky, especially when teamed with my skinny jeans and red DMs!

My next mission: to spend my Dorothy Perkins vouchers, preferably whilst the 25% off offer is still on!


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