Yet another clothes shopping rant…

This one comes courtesy of Tesco online. As you are all well aware by now, I have to order most of my clothing online, so for my birthday, I chose a lovely dress as a present from a friend. After trying for next to a week to order it and failed because of technical errors on the website and his brother the techo-whizz couldn’t even figure it out, he asked me to try as I already have an account. No problem, I would order it, he would collect it. However, having been married since last ordering from Tesco, I needed to edit my billing address and card details. I literaly changed my title and added one, yes ONE letter to my surname, but it canot be upated because ‘no special characters are allowed in the address field’. I added an ‘R’ to my title from Ms to Mrs and changed my surname. Clearly the letter ‘R’ is special – perhaps I should take it as a compliment?


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