Shopping centre highjinks

Success! I found the Dr Marten’s I was after, which I did successfully reserve at roughly 8am this morning. I waited with baited breath for the confirmation to come through, relieved is not the word I felt when it finally did! Whilst popping in to Schuh first thing this morning, bird & I (my friend from previous shopping adventures) were first of all distracted by Vans trainers…after picking a pair each I then collected the beautiful, beautiful red DMs…oh salvation!

The Vans...

The Vans…

The Dms <3

The Dms ❤

The first part of the days’s mission was complete. Bird then threw a spanner in the works by saying her other half needed some new jeans and could we look for some. Fair enough, lots of shops, plenty of options. Then it became complicated. What he wanted, in theory, was actually quite straightforward and simple: normal, straight leg style jeans, zip-fly 34w 28/29 leg as he has a long torso but shorter legs. However, in practise, it brought back the horrid memories of Monday. Topman, Burton etc, were full of skinny jeans, slim tapered jeans, were too long, had a button fly or cost more than he was willing to pay. We had to text him to ask which part he would compromise on. He actually then asked for chinos, as none of the above were any good to him. However, last minute stop off in next, we found a single remaining pair of 34w 29l straight leg jeans with a zip fly. We bought them for him to try, leaving him with the option to unfortunately order more online!


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