Buying online…

So today I collected my online order from two of the highstreet stores I visited when in York. I am amazed to announce that I,  the short, fat, odd shaped woman fit into skinny jeans. And I didn’t look half bad! The first pair, which were only £11.50 in the sale are cherry red and look fabulous (thanks M&S).

The red skinnies...

The red skinnies…

The second pair were from Dorothy Perkins, are indigo blue, and looked equally fabulous just not as striking. They were both in my large size and short leg length too!!! How exciting! They were both however a little loose around my calves (as they are out of proportion with my thighs and hips, sigh…) So with a new found look, I shall have to update my wardrobe with a plethora of colours. So that’s a bonus. I honestly thought I’d get them home and be pulling them on with a coat hanger and then having to take them back. Or worse still, I wouldn’t be able to pull them over my abnormally wide feet (thanks mum). It really is a pain that I couldn’t just get these from the shops on Monday. I had to have a friend drive me to the store to pick them up as they weren’t even able to deliver them to my local high street, I had to go to the local retail park, or it would have cost me some obscene amount in delivery (and I still had to pay to have one pair sent to the store).

During this expedition however, my friend told me about her mum who is in a similar position. She is really short (shorter than me) but really skinny, the definition of petite. However, she struggles to get the right fit as even the petite sections seem to struggle to get the smaller sizes she needs. She can only find the smaller sizes in…yep, you guessed it…the tall section. So apparently, to buy clothes that fit, you need to be average size and average height, because if you are really slim or really large, you also need to be really tall. She did point out her mum did find the perfect fitting jeans…but they cost £185. At least I’m not the only one!


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