So here’s where the story begins…

I gueIMG_20130402_014725ss this begins a few days ago. I’ve been at slimming world for a while now, my tops are looking baggy and I may have thought I could get away with buying my spring/summer wardrobe in a smaller size. Our work uniform consists of polo shirts, t-shirts and hoodies, but I have nothing appropriate to really wear them with being a mainly leggings kinda girl. I decided it was time to buy more jeans and having planned a trip to York for the bank holiday weekend I thought, why not? Well, allow me to tell you!

Not many stores seem to understand the concept of the larger woman. After discovering that many stores do not cater to my size, I went to a few that did, or at least normally do. Some of these stores I’ve ordered from online and thought at least I can try them on, as we all know how hard it can be to buy jeans that fit properly and look good.

Enter highstreet store number one…Unfortunately, upon entering this first store, possibly one of my favourites to buy from I discovered…not a single pair of jeans in my size. I was disappointed. I had looked online and found the jeans I wanted but my size were out of stock (presumably every other woman in my predicament had already ordered them). As I left the store, what did I spy on the sales rack? I saw jeans, jeggings and the like sporting my size on the hanger. I got especially excited when I saw a pair I liked down to only £7.50!!! It was then I spied the dreaded ‘tall’ label. I was, in a word, gutted. I walked out, took a deep breath and headed towards highstreet store number 2.

Highstreet store number 2 had a wide range of jeans, in my size (woop woop) and I proceeded to pick up 6 different pairs, in different styles and colours to have a look. Now, having watched and read many guides to buying jeans for your shape and size I know what I was looking for (or so I thought). Bootcut/bootleg jeans are flattering, balancing out my wider hips with my thinner calves and preferably high waisted ones. My problem here is that they (as they sadly often are) were too long, meaning that the flare at the bottom which would have to be taken up in order to fit properly, would be gone or wouldn’t be flaring in the right place, taking away the effect. This store happens to offer some body magic jeans, that fit different shapes and sizes. The ones I picked up were ideal for small waists and big hips and thighs and prevents gaping at the back. Genius! I found them and tried them and oh my wow, they sat on my waist, had plenty of room for my hips and thighs, very comfy, no gaping…but, they were straight leg jeans, meaning once they passed my thighs my smaller calves were very much highlighted and boom, I was out of proportion. With nothing left for it, with less than an hour of our shopping trip left, I handed over all 6 items to the poor fitting room assistant and sullenly sloped back over to where my husband sat waiting. “No good? Oh well, I got a new high score on Temple Run 2 – over 9,000 metres!” he said as he followed me out of the store.

Bring on highstreet store number 3! This store has the added humiliation of having an actual plus size section, with a vomit enducing title, just to make us ‘fatties’ feel that little bit worse about ourselves as we shop. In spite of this, I had seen some short length high waisted bootcut jeans on their website (noticing a theme here?) and thought I’d see about trying them on. This particular branch didn’t even bother to put this section in. At this point, with only half an hour left before we were due to meet back up with my parents, we decided to give up and to go for a cuppa instead.

It frustrates me no end that we should have to order clothes online simply to try them on and then go through the inconvenience of sending them back when they don’t look right or simply just don’t fit. Atleast store number 2 had a broad selection in different sizes and for this I applaud them. Its just a shame that I need to be several inches taller to be able to work any of the clothing in my size. It genuinely upsets me everytime (you’d think I’d be used to it by now) that my size is unavailable in the petite section, because clearly women of my size can’t be short. In fact it can be rare to find my size in regular length. Clearly, the only women of my size are also incredibly tall, and (judging by the items on the sales rack) don’t actually shop where I do. That must be where I’m going wrong!

After this horrible, horrible shopping trip there was only one thing for it: go online and order some. Sigh…


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